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Covid 19 Policy FAQs

As Supertime African Tours and Safaris, our first priority is your health, safety and well-being.  Consequently we are closely monitoring the global dynamics of COVID 19 and its impact in order to ensure a safe stay for all our guests during their safari in Africa. These have called for us to develop and implement enhanced hygiene and cleanliness protocols following the recommendations of the world health organizations; for example making sure that all our staff are vaccinated and fully given awareness training to handle situational eventualities, wearing of personal protective equipment like masks and regular hands sanitisation and sanitisation of vehicles after every use by our guests, and enforcing social distancing requirements. 

Due to the status of the global health pandemic, we also endeavour to implement a reasonable degree of flexibility on our terms and conditions subject to negotiations with our third party suppliers. With country-specific requirements and quarantine eventualities there might not be a universal solution, and as such we will always endeavour to help you with the necessary information, however, the responsibility is on the traveller to ensure that they are aware and compliant of the COVID rules and regulations set out by the countries they are travelling to or transiting through.

Travelling to Africa after obtaining the COVID19 Vaccine

The fact that a COVID-19 vaccine is becoming readily available, many potential travellers are asking if they’ll be required to undergo COVID -19 tests and follow the current health and safety protocols when travelling to Africa after being vaccinated. The answer remains both unclear and inconclusive, as experts are still in the process of learning more and more information about the protection that the COVID -19 vaccines provide under real life conditions.

However as a bench mark, most international airlines require their passengers to produce a certificate of a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that has been done and obtained within 72 hours of departure. The same is or may be required when arriving at any transit airport or back in your home country. As your travel partner in Africa, we are able to arrange in-lodge/hotel COVID-19 tests or transfer you safely to an authorised testing facility.