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I decided in March to visit South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe in May!! Very short but Thula did his best to organize the trip I wanted to do. I always have a lot of pictures in my mind…a long time by a big male elephant staring at each others, my first leopard Thula finally found (it was the challenge)…and so many…

Thula is very patient, professional, does his best to satisfy his guest and has a great knowledge to share. He is also a very good driver, I remember the crossing in the Savuti area very sandy he did with easy – and such a great experience too!! I recommended very warmly travelling with Supertime Safaris and Thula trustfully. I hope to do it once more!!

Evelyne from France.

Okavango Delta – Victoria Falls Safari Adventure

Dear Thula and Master

I really really wanted to reiterate how amazing the trip that I did with my family and you both was for me this year. Botswana was so incredibly full of life and what a awesome adventure. From one guide to another you guys were fantastic! I have only just managed to come through the busiest spell of the summer and come up for air. Sorry for not dropping you a note sooner, it was not from lack of thinking of it as it was a trip of a lifetime and I still have to pinch myself to believe I was there. The trip was truely a life changer for my Aunt she and I chatted on the plane home and she said the camping was really hard on her body BUT that the experience made her realize she really needs to stay active in order to be able to have this type of adventure and having done it she said it was really the only way to see the country the way we did. I think all of us found the most primitive night to be the Most rewarding if not a bit intimidating. I have the most beautiful pictures of that sun rise and sunset and will send you a few in the next note.

Anyways I hope to find you both well and getting plenty of work with maybe a break coming in your near future. I have had much curiosity about the trip and hopefully will be able to send a few folks your way. We indeed lived our dream with Supertime Safaris. If you have time send me a note I would love to hear what other trips you have been up to.

Cheers Gigi –

Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

Dear Thula

We had a fantastic time with you as our guide and Supertime Safaris.  Without all of your hard work and special treatment our trip couldn’t have been so wonderful. Thanks for finding us a leopard. Thanks a million!!! You are the best.

Cheryl and Ryan Stafford -Email:


Dear Thula

Thank you very much for the most amazing trip you gave us. It was such a happy, fun, cheerful time spent with everybody. You and Bervin are really a good team!!  Totally well- organized. We will definitely recommend Supertime Safaris to our friends.  Happy 2016


Trevor & Judy Stafford:



What can I say, we couldn’t have hand picked a better guide and it’s nice when rather than just a guide, it’s a friend who is leading you through the tour. It really made the overall experience that much better. Thank you for everything and for spending these incredible two weeks with me and my family. And thank you for the adventure and putting up with our A.D.D tla. If/when l come back l will only do so if you are the guide!

Colleen Email:

Victoria Falls 4 days 3 nights Package


Thank you for a great tour.  You were always knowledgeable and full of interesting information. I looked forward to your happy smile and great laugh. You made the trip.




Thank you for your bright smile very morning – always made my day. You were always professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. Thank you for making this trip special.


Discover the best of Zimbabwe and Botswana


Thank you for making my first African adventure a memorable one. You are very good at what you do. Let me know if you ever come to Canada.




Thank you for the most memorable trip of a lifetime. It was a pleasure to get to know you. I very much appreciated your organization and punctuality. Your knowledge of the countries we visited was outstanding. I would love to visit Africa again and may be our paths will cross again in future. It will be great to keep in touch. Be safe in your future travels.